All projects are underpinned by a focus on creative freedom. Unlike many major labels who slavishly follow industry trends and restrict releases according to market forces, Edsbro Music is driven not by the head, but by the heart; the production of all material is a collaborative process where the artist is involved at every step of the way. Rich Evans’ releases to date have seen him write most of the material and then, when UK-based recording sessions have been completed, Caj, in the Edsbro studio, has overseen the post-production. His methodical processing; type mixing; mastering and occasional overdubs consistently contribute to a finished product that allows artsists to realise their original vision.

There are many projects in the pipeline and there are also plans afoot to establish the Crystal Pier Records imprint to facilitate releases in an even broader range of styles. Our goal is not that we, ourselves, will be stars overnight, but we are currently building up something of a resume. We firmly believe in the redemptive power of music and are excited about the prospect of working with and further developing artists down the line. With our collective expertise, we hope to enable talented musicians that may have been overlooked by larger corporations to fulfill their potential. Maybe, in the near future, that could be you?


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